“Leader in Technology Solutions for Project and Process Management.”
SunPlus Data Group

SunPlus Data Group


We believe in turning your “IT Infrastructure into a Business Asset by optimizing its performance, so you can focus on growing your business without worrying about your IT needs

The focus of our technology consulting practice is on state of the art process management and project management capabilities that deliver mission critical strategic objectives on time and at cost. SunPlus consultants are able to balance subject matter expertise in industry-specific business processes and the technical knowledge of applications that power these business processes.

The following are some of the key assets in our technology consulting practice:

  • Project Management Methodologies and Technology Solutions
  • Business Process Modeling Methodologies and Technology Solutions
  • IT Infrastructure and applications architecture for zero latency service oriented enterprise
  • Web commerce - technology solutions
  • Embedding Business Intelligence, Mobile Technology, and RFID solutions in mission critical business processes, projects, and enterprise applications
  • Training.